hlcs ninth grade career prep

Best Advice:

  • Keep your grades up and continue to keep track of your clubs, sports, and volunteer involvement for use on college applications.
  • Take every opportunity to visit colleges and/or job shadow in a career field in which you have interest. Attend the NCMC College Fair (again) and get information. Petoskey High School may offer a skilled trades and college fair at their location in the early fall, too.
  • Begin to prepare for the SAT and ACT. There are online and printed ways to prepare. Mrs. Rauch is our test coordinator. Any questions regarding these tests may directed to her at mrauch@harborlight.org.
  • Continue to visit the ONET site if you have thoughts about other career opportunities.
    Go here: onetonline.org
  • Ask teachers, coaches, pastors and other trusted adults if they will write a letter of recommendation for you. You’ll need these for applications.
  • Build and continue to add to a resume of jobs you’ve had, extracurricular activities, and volunteer work; this can be printed and saved on your computer for quick access and additions.
  • Have another meeting with your parents. Have things changed? It’s ok if they have. It’s all part of growing up and learning new things – about yourself and about the opportunities that are available. Talk about college, careers, options, costs; there are many things to consider. Pray together. Ask the Lord God to guide the decisions being made.