Bible journal

Christianity offers real answers to life’s difficult questions of meaning and purpose. The fact that Christ is Creator, Redeemer, and Judge has tremendous implication on how we determine the basis of knowledge, truth, morality, which are essential components to any philosophy of education.

God’s general revelation in nature provides a basis for several disciplines such as the field of science and history. However, such general revelation is limited in revealing the character of God, something that is found primarily in the special revelation of God’s Word. The divine authority of the special revelation of the Word taught in our curriculum is the distinguishing mark of Harbor Light Christian School.

Biblical truth is not only to be learned; it is to be lived. The student of Scripture needs both a keen mind and a willing heart. Education must not only inform the mind but direct the life. A correct teaching of special revelation leads to application in personal life not just the scholastic pursuits of academia.

Christian parents are ultimately responsible for the education of their children. Harbor Light Christian School seeks to provide an environment where the Biblical beliefs of the home and church are reinforced and integrated into the educational instruction of children. Thus, Harbor Light Christian School, the family, and the church form the three-legged stool of a child’s education.

It is important for the staff, parents, and students who are a part of the Harbor Light Christian School community to know what we believe in order to make a good decision about joining us. We submit the following as a statement of our understanding of God’s testimony in the Word of God.