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Harbor Light Christian School offers scholarship and tuition assistance through an application process. Families who would like to be considered for scholarship/financial assistance are required to complete an online application with Confidential Financial Analysis (CFA), a Christian company. Upon reviewing and verifying the application information, CFA recommends to Harbor Light Christian School a monthly contribution the family can provide towards their child(ren)’s tuition. Harbor Light Christian School considers the school’s financial ability to provide scholarship/assistance along with CFA’s recommendation to make a scholarship/assistance award to the applicants.

We strongly encourage families seeking scholarship/assistance to be in prayer for financial resources; such as, your home Church, family members, friends, and others who can help financially. Through your prayers and desire to have your child(ren) attend Harbor Light Christian School, the Lord will direct your path and provide, if you are doing your part in His plan.

For more information on Financial Aid and Grants for the 2021-2022 school year, please click here.