hlcs history

Harbor Light Christian School opened its doors in the fall of 1985, but it was a vision that was birthed several years before by Pastor Bill Mindel and Dave & Bonnie DeRouchie. They believed that God was calling Harbor Light Community Chapel to start a school that would prepare children to be leaders for Christ in their community, country, and the world as well as teach from the perspective of a Christian World View.

The first year began with 47 students in Kindergarten through Tenth grades. In that first year, a family was formed, and that has not changed. Although teaching academics was and is a high priority, teaching students the joy of being a servant like Christ is also a huge part of the educational process. Taking a cross-cultural mission trip was a requirement for graduation from the beginning. Now students choose to go on multiple outreach experiences in the community, the U.S., or out of country.

Because it is important for staff and parents to model what we teach, volunteering time to help the school in many ways also helps keep the tuition lower than most other Christian schools in our state. Staff, students, and parents came together to build the first part of the present school building, including the gym, foyer, and west wing classrooms. Since that time thousands of volunteer hours have helped fund and maintain the school.

Another area of school life at Harbor Light that started at the beginning were the Athletic and Art programs. Over the years our coaches have volunteered hours to train our athletes physically, mentally, and spiritually. The Swordsman was chosen to be the school mascot because as Christians we should be able to know and use God’s work, the Sword of the Spirit, in our daily lives. Creativity is one of God’s gifts to us. At HLCS these gifts are used to develop skills and to bless others through the worship team, dramas, and art displays.

Since the beginning, the school has maintained its mission to educate Christian young people not just to hear God’s word, but to live God’s Word, loving God with all their mind and strength and loving their neighbor as themselves.