art class fabric 1

Students at HLCS participate in an Arts program that reaches several areas. Arts programs are specific to each grade level and allow the opportunity to explore their creative gifts.

Art classes for elementary grades focus mainly on basic art techniques and vocabulary. Students are provided exploration in clay, painting and three dimensional arts. In addition, elementary students learn line and form basics along with pattern organization.

The junior high art classes progress the student into a bit more complex projects. Junior high students explore the technique of mosaic art, tangle drawings, and one dimensional portrait sketching. Students learn new skills through sewing, metal jewelry making, and fabric weaving classes.

High school art focuses on art techniques, symmetry, texture, and art appreciation.  A nine-through-eleventh art curriculum allows the chance for further exploration of mosaic arts, jewelry making, tangle drawings of photos, in addition to stained glass.  The senior art curriculum consists of mosaic arts, stained glass, two & three dimensional stained glass, and jewelry making. Glass techniques explore lamp-work, beadwork, and hot glass with use of kiln firing.