hlcs ninth grade career prep

Best Advice:

  • Begin a routine of using a planner and/or calendar – electronic like Google or other. Develop your own way of staying organized. Ask your parents if they have a preference as to which planner or calendar to use.
  • Do your best in your school subjects because your transcript for 9th-12th grades stays with you and is used for college applications and other opportunities.
  • Join clubs and sports, and please volunteer! Keep a record, any certificates and photos, so you can remember the dates and times. Consider buying a simple scrapbook or folder to keep them all together. This will come in handy in 11th and 12th grades.
  • Set a time to have a serious talk with your parents. Pray together about your future and for good communication. Ask them what strengths they see in you. Ask them if they see a good career path for you. Sometimes parents just know! Ask them questions regarding jobs and careers that you’ve seen and heard of but possibly do not know the path to reaching those jobs.
  • If you meet someone who has an interesting career, ask him or her about it! Please begin to take note of all the jobs going on around us every day that make our world operate well. Do any of those jobs interest you? Write a list and keep adding to it. This will be of interest to your parents and school teachers/counselors in future years.