Coach Mark Smith

If you have been in the Harbor Springs area for any amount of time, you are familiar with the name Mark Smith being affiliated with sports. A standout high school athlete who went on to play semi-pro baseball and to coach basketball at the collegiate level, Coach Smith joined the HLCS girls basketball staff after many years in the same role at Harbor Springs Public.

Coach Smith excels at teaching the game. He loves to work with small groups and individual players to teach them more than the fundamentals, but the nuances of the game.

Usually the first one in the gym, sweeping or mopping the floor, Coach Smith leads by example and searches out ways to meet players where they are and help them to reach the heights they hope to achieve.

Coach Jordan Dutcher

Competitive, fiery, and passionate – Coach Dutcher threads the needle of expecting and motivating the best out of his players, while also encouraging them wherever they are in their development.

A former three sport high school athlete who continues to compete every chance he gets, Coach Dutcher has coached many different sports at many different levels, and brings a no-nonsense, get the job done type of work ethic from his military background.

As passionate about athletics as Coach Dutcher is, his  commitment to Harbor Light Christian School and his devotion to his faith far surpass. A full-time volunteer, there is no one quicker to pick up a hammer, hold a door, or take out the trash. And he brings that same servant attitude to his interaction with players – searching out ways to help them grow in their skill level and their faith.