hlcs ninth grade career prep

Best Advice:

  • Keep working hard in all your subjects! And sign up for the PSAT test that will be offered in October.
  • Please continue to keep records of your clubs, sports, and volunteer work.
  • In early fall, go to the NCMC College Night where 50+ colleges are represented.
  • If at all interested in the Military, begin getting information now. There are local recruiters who will give you and your parents information and/or visit this link: todaysmilitary.com
  • Have another meeting with your parents. See what has changed, if anything, regarding your interests and career ideas.
  • Consider taking the test that Focus on the Family developed to help students/young adults find their strengths and aptitudes. It costs $100 but can be well worth the investment. followyourcalling.com
  • There are other online personality and aptitude tests that are free or less expensive. This is good site for lots of info including links to free career aptitude tests: https://www.thebalancecareers.com/free-career-aptitude-tests-2059813
  • Begin figuring out your likes and dislikes regarding work (in terms of a career), and talk about them with your parents.
  • The Onet site is a government site that is very useful once you have a job/career or two in mind. Plug it in and see if it’s a growing industry and what the median salary is. This early exploration of jobs/careers will be useful next year especially. Go here: onetonline.org